Shannon and Keast are an exciting young musical partnership working in the South Of England featuring guitarist James Shannon and vocalist Olivia Keast . Currently the duo are performing regularly at functions alongside arranging and recording covers for Lark Recordings which are released globally available  across all streaming platforms. 

James and Olivia both started their musical endeavours at a tender age with James being introduced to guitar at aged 5 by his father and Olivia enthusiastically attending choirs from aged 7 onwards. Both displayed a passion for music and practising for hours on end was not a chore. Many years later what had begun as a childhood obsession began to become a viable career path as both received their degrees and began building up work opportunities as musicians. 

Listening to the music of Shannon and Keast will lead you to encounter a wide range of musical colour and emotion thanks to the imaginative arrangements and the purity of delivery achieved by both musicians. Shannon and Keast offer a rare blend of styles namely mixing a Jazz Standard approach with Pop repertoire which highlights the melodic and lyrical emotion of such songs which are often overshadowed by modern production. This ability to bring out the true emotions of any song is not commonly found but is abundantly evident in the music of Shannon and Keast.